66 years of fine craftsmanship

APF Munn has come a long way in over 66 years of framing yet remains committed to its purpose in bringing exceptional craftsmanship and design to galleries, museums, designers and architects around the world.


In 1955, Abe Munn co-founded APF with his brothers Morris and Ben after developing his craft with master framers Julius Lowy and Robert Kulicke. After a few years of work at APF, Munn  opened his own business, Abe Munn Picture Frames, in 1959. The sole product of the business was unfinished mouldings, which would be gilded or painted later by the buyer. With the addition of new employees a few years later, Munn expanded the operation to include specialty carved frames and eventually hand-laid gold leaf finishes.

Italian picture frame
English picture frame

In 2004, APF and Munn Frames merged to create APF Munn and APF Master Frame Makers. The company now occupies a 52,000 Sq. Ft. production facility in Yonkers, NY and has a showroom in midtown Manhattan. Currently, our showroom houses more than 2000 corner samples, displaying styles from the 15th century Italian Renaissance to present day. Many of the techniques developed by Abe Munn are still used to create our handcrafted closed corner frames.

As we take our business into the 21st century, we look to new technologies and processes to improve our craft. We work with sustainable wood suppliers to ensure that our age old practices will not harm the environment. Social media brings us directly in touch with our clients and allows us to improve our services. We appreciate you coming along for the ride and look forward to the next frame we build together.



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