Conservation Framing

Protecting your artwork

Keep Your Artwork safe for years to come

The primary concern when framing an artwork, family photograph or keepsake is conservation and protection. Quality framing will not only prevent a tear or bumped corner but also guard against the hard to notice affects of light and organic deterioration. Our protection process starts with the materials we use. Papers and other art materials invariably hold small but harmful amounts of acids that can be damaging over time. To limit this inherent concern, all of the matting and mounts we use are made from 100% acid-free cotton.

Antique Frame

Limiting the acid content inside the frame is essential in creating a safe environment for the work to reside. Acid-free adhesives and papers are used by our fitters to ensure that the materials that come in contact with the artwork do no harm and can be reversed in the future.


Exposure to sunlight and UV rays should also be limited as these fade a work of art over time. To keep artworks looking fresh and vibrant, we carry varying grades of UV filtering glazings, including Museum Glass and Optium Plexiglas which are both 99% UV filtering. Conserving the well being of your irreplaceable and personal possessions is our highest priority



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