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Mirrors and Sheng Chi

Proper mirror placement can enhance your well-being and bring positive energy to your home, your office and your life.  The addition of beneficial energy, known in feng shui as Sheng Chi, is the type of energy we all want more of.  It is what brings all things good, our way.

Having heard the term ying – yang and as we strive to live a life in balance, we know that clutter and disarray can wreak havoc on our psyche. Whether at work or at home, society is currently engaged in creating an environment with clean lines celebrating the concept of, less is more.  We have learned that being present in the moment holds more value than multitasking.

When used properly, mirrors have the power to add calm to our fast paced world. They can add a sense of space, natural light and tranquility to a room.  Decorators have often used mirrors to adjust or redirect the energy flow within a room by placing a mirror where it will reflect a picturesque lawn or outdoor garden enhancing the Sheng Chi. If you don’t have access to a natural landscape, consider placing a mirror where it will reflect a favorite piece of art or your cherished book collection.  Your mirror should reflect anything that brings you great joy.

Mirrors possess a magic quality of doubling the amount of whatever it is that they are reflecting.  You will often see a mirror in a dining room near the dining room table. The reflection of a holiday table, when viewed through the mirror, depicts a plentiful table filled with food and drink.  This overabundance signifies the wealth and good fortune of the family.

Classical feng shui considers the southeast corner of your home ideal for dealing with all aspects of money management. A well placed mirror in an office is said to bring positive energy in the form of greater wealth and prosperity.  A gold leaf, round mirror, representing affluence and wealth would be well suited in a home office.

If young children live in your home, have at least one full length mirror where they may see their entire self-reflected. A full length mirror will aid children in having higher self-esteem and foster a greater sense of inner strength.

A few general guidelines to follow are, all mirrors that are chipped or broken should be replaced. It is suggested that you do not have two mirrors directly facing one another, directly facing your bed or directly facing your front door.  Ensure that clutter, other reflective surfaces or unpleasant views are not visible within the reflection of your mirror. Many have found that consulting with a decorator has been helpful when choosing colors, shapes or in choosing the ideal placement of a mirror.

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